Converting Normals to 3D

Is it possible to use a normal map to add actual bumps to an object?

that’s the idea of a normal map !


Instead of adding the bumps manually I was going to find a normal map I liked than convert it to 3d for up close shots. Oh well. :frowning:

well you don’t really convert a normal map you simply use it on for instance a plane

and when looking at it with camera in render
it gives the feeling of 3D!

hope it helps


Normal map can be made from image source. It’s not perfect, but its fast. Follow this link.

You could use the Normal Map with the Displacement Modifier to alter the actual mesh, but the object would need to be subdivided to accurately represent the map.

I think he means he wants something like relief mapping or parallax occlusion mapping…

I don’t know a whole lot about it but I really think that’s the effect that he wants. I’ll leave it up to someone who actually knows something about that : ).