Converting NurbsPath to Mesh

Hi, I want to rig a model I bought on Artstation but I’m having problems with converting it to mesh.

The piece is a Nurbs path, I need to convert to mesh in order to attach my armature bones to it, but it wont convert to mesh. I’ve tried ALT C and other methods, but nothing works, please see attached pic
of scene.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Alt C is an old shortcut for 2.79 keymap.

In 2.92, conversion is available through right click menu.
When a Nurbs object is selected, doing a right click in menu should show a Convert To sub-menu.

Problem, here is that object selected is not a Nurbs object : it is a Collection Instance.
The instance of a collection containing Nurbs objects.

So, first, you have to make instances real objects. Ctrl A > Make Instance Real.
Then, you can do a Right click menu > Convert to > Mesh.

Thanks for quick reply and help, very much appreciated.

Hey, I was just curios as to how you spotted that ? Was it the gp_

All necessary info is visible in screenshot.
The blue line in outliner is indicating active object.
Although it is named gp_Nurbspath.048.r, the icon is the icon of a Collection Instance.
A real Nurbs object would be associated with the icon of a Surface.

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