Converting Text To Mesh... I Know this has been asked.

I’m sorry for making YET ANOTHER thread on this same topic but I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for because there are SO many results when I search (about 3000 results). I just want to know how to convert text to a mesh, I know how to convert text to a curve but not a mesh, any help would be greatly appreciated.

~ Steven



Oh, lol. I was using that but it converted it to a curve O_o, curves and meshes aren’t the same, right? Or are they?

Then it’s already a Curve. Alt-C on text will bring up a popup “Convert Font to Curve?”. Alt-C again will ask “Convert Curve to Mesh?”.


No they’re not the same. You have to convert text to a curve (Alt-C) before it can be converted to a mesh (Alt-C again).

Ok, Thank you, it worked. =)

Ah u beat me to it Fligh%… :-?

I really wish they would fix the search function on this forum to default to “and” rather than “or”. Nobody appears to read the instructions they assume that it works just like google, yahoo etc. People get far to many results and then just give up on search.