Converzion, a powerful open-source unit convertor - Version 2 out now! :-D

Yet another random Python program from me, this time a unit conversion program :smiley:
And no, “Converzion” isn’t a typo, it’s an original name - “Conversion” would be shoved right to the bottom of the Google search results :wink:

This is the first release so at the moment there are only about 100 different units, but I’m going to add a lot more for the next version. Currently, it can convert any of the following types of units:

  • Length
  • Mass
  • Time
  • Currency (it doesn’t use up-to-the-minute rates at the moment though, so it’s not perfectly accurate)
  • Angles
  • Velocity
  • TimeAlso, it has a nifty toolbar which you can customise to display buttons for the conversions you use most often.
    Some screenies:

The main interface

The toolbar customisation dialog:

Help viewer:

You can download Converzion 1.0’s Windows installer package (or the source code and files) from this page at - scroll down to the “Download” section.

Cool idea. i like it.

yo … seems good .

I still have to look for a reference to convert farenheit to celsius. You know, the temperature in F is still widely used. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Zero degrees in centigrade or celsius (SI) is the point where water begins to freeze, which sounds reasonable and logical. It’s 32 degrees farenheit below zero in the Imperial System, which doesn’t seem to have any meaning. Way up on the warmer side of a celsius scale is the 100 degree mark (212 F), which is the point where water begins to boil (at atmospheric pressure, that is). Again, this sounds logical and easier to imagine. Even kids experience these simple little, everyday occurrences. In some parts of the world the average temperature is like oven hot, 45C. The Imperial counterpart? Well, I don’t even want to know…makes me puke.

looks great!

thanks for this

wow mate, looks very nice. I’ve just been thinking of something to do distance convs in the last few days, on account of using an imperial dial caliper. I guess I won’t be bothering with anything myself now!!!

Just downloading it now and, incase you’ve not seen them yet, here’s some formulae for temperature conversion:

Degrees C to Degrees F: (]°C * 1.8) + 32
Degrees F to Degrees C: (°F -32) / 1.8

though, these are more commonly written as follows:

deg °C -> deg °F: (°C * 9/5) + 32
deg °F -> deg °C: (°F - 32) * 5/9


Thanks for the comments:)
Tyrell: I agree, I don’t know what people were thinking when they came up with that measurement system, it seems to be almost random;) I definitely need to put a temperature convertor in the next release:yes:
enhzflep: Thanks for the formula, I’ll make sure that goes into the next version:D

Today I’m starting on adding new stuff for the next version, for example customisable colours, temperature conversion, area and volume conversion and maybe even a system tray icon if I can work out how to do that properly:D You can follow it’s progress at the the Converzion news page.

it seems to be almost random

Well the space shuttle boosters width is based on the width of two horses arses side by side (if you follow the chain of historic events leading up to the design constraints)

But yes the measurements are very random.

Well, it’s been decades since the SI was established. I don’t know why people still insist on making life complicated. We have two tools to tighten bolts and loosen screws. I’d almost always want to spit on the TV screen when the weather report comes up.

Good work, animatinator. My only comment aside from adding the temp conversion is to make it more simplified by moving the categories (length, mass, time, etc.) and turn them into one-click buttons instead of two-click pulldowns. Also, if you could make it look more like a calculator such as the one in the Windows Accessories folder it would really rock.:wink:

Good work, animatinator. My only comment aside from adding the temp conversion is to make it more simplified by moving the categories (length, mass, time, etc.) and turn them into one-click buttons instead of two-click pulldowns. Also, if you could make it look more like a calculator such as the one in the Windows Accessories folder it would really rock.:wink:

Actually, they already are available as one-click buttons via the toolbar at the top with the icons on it. You can customise which ones to display there by going to “Toolbar>>Customise…”:yes:

Apparently Fahrenheit used his body temperature for his 100 degree mark (must have been running a fever) and used the lowest temperature he could achieve using a mix of ice, rock salt and alcohol for his zero mark. He was working in a measurment system that defined area by the amount of land a mule could plow in a day, one measure of length by the feet of the first 16 men to exit church on a given Sunday and another measure of length by the distance between a man’s outstretched arms. Given the context, Fahrenheit’s decision is a marvel of rationality.

I got custom colour schemes working!:smiley:
There isn’t a dialog for doing it within the program yet but I can change the colours by editing the external configuration file. There are four customisable colours, the main background (light green by default), the toolbar background (dark green by default), the font colour and the listbox background. Here are some samples:


The Devil’s Convertor

Just Plain Awful

Yes, I know the last one looks terrible, that was my first test and I just typed random hex numbers in;)
I’m going to put in a dialog for customising it next, and then start on the new conversions:)

is there a grey colour scheme that will go with the WinXP zune theme? (yeah boring i know, but i like grey)

Do you mean something like this?

Image removed due to host problems

I’ve never seen the Zune theme so I don’t know how well that matches it, but the themes are completely customisable so you can change them if you like:yes:

Are you on WinXP or Vista? your theme looks very similar to it.

I’m actually using the Blacked Out Media Centre theme for XP, but that Zune theme does look very similar to it - I’ll just make a theme that matches mine then:p

I made a custom colours dialog box today:D

Clicking on one of the coloured boxes to the right brings up the standard Windows colour picker dialog.
This was actually a lot harder to code than you’d expect, for a number of reasons. For example, the colour picker dialog can only return the chosen colour as a RGB tuple for some reason, so I had to convert that to Hexadecimal (which I’m using for the colouring).
Also, the UI didn’t want to refresh itself properly at first. It took me ages to work out that I hadn’t actually told it to properly:o
Anyway, Oblenob (who’s helping with this) is making some custom colour schemes that will be downloadable from the website when this version’s finished, so feel free to request any colour schemes now if you can’t be bothered making them yourself;)

I currently use this but yours is starting to look better…

You might be able to find some on there to add to your program?

Thanks :smiley:
I think I may actually steal some of their ideas for conversions, I don’t have nearly as many yet :wink:

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I did a full virus scan on my PC and it is clean… something about this thread only…