Cookie_9 - Fictional movie poster

Model building, prop building, photo shooting and a matte painting for a fictional movie poster.

Bunny-bot model, props and matte painting: Christian | InVitro Banana
3D prints: Daniel | Craftclub Joessnitz
Costumes and actress for the photo shooting: the wonderful aoicho_creativestuff
Photographer for the compositing: Markus from SePtem Sensu

The 3d-printed parts for the fullsize robot drone model and the matte painting background were fully build in Blender.

What started as a quick model making project during the corona pandamic escalated pretty quick into something more serious. In the end, after two years of building, a photo shooting and a matte painting, this is the final result.

This whole thing had not been possible without all the dudes and dudettes mentioned above. So a huge Thank you! to all of them.

I’ve also used a bunch of greebles from Voloshenko which where super helpfull to get a certain “dense” into the background.

This was the final robot model build for the shooting:


I really like the attention to detail for all of this, It really gave the poster a cool feel.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Awesome! Thanks a lot :blush:

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