Cookie Halloween Contest - Chuck the demon

Hi, please find below render of my character, which I’ll submit for the Blender Cookie Halloween Contest. I’m aware it’s not perfect, but you know, it’s all about the time… Or rather lack of it :slight_smile:
I’m posting two versions (only eyes are different between them), because I haven’t decided yet which I’ll submit for the contest.
Comments and critiques are welcome!

well that’s kind of…terrifying!

I think the eyes (and the teeth) are what really gives it the creepy look
if it were me, I’d go with the second image - I think the brighter eyes help it stand out from the background

and if you have time, you might want to try making the teeth a tiny bit more visible (you could probably just increase the brightness in post pro) I think that might help with the creepiness factor :slight_smile:

good luck in the competition!

Thanks Jeepster!
Terrifying was something I wanted to achieve with this one. Yeah, I agree, that teeth could be a bit more visible, and I may just brighten them, if time allows me to (I’ve also already submitted the render for the contest, being sure I won’t have time to redo any stuff in it, and I’m not sure about the possibility of replacing it…). The thing is, that if I decide to brighten the teeth, I’ll have to redo the material on them a rerender the image, because I don’t really llike the material I used on them that much, and having not much time for finishing the piece, went with a darker light on teeth… Maybe that’s not good, but perhaps it can still be fixed.
As for the eyes, it was a real dilema for me which should be used. I probably like the brighter version more, but most people I asked for an opinion decided red eyes were better than yellow. So the piece with red eyes was submitted. Anyway, I hope the both versions are pretty creepy, but still I’m considering replacing the image for the contest (if it’s allowed ofcourse).