How can I add bumps and pits to make this look like a realistic cookie ? I tried dealing with Bump, Displacement and Mapping. But I couldn’t set it up properly. Thanks

I think the distortion and bump worked well with this. But it is not crisp enough some how. Looks very reflective even though I set roughness to 0.8.

Update : setting Noise Texture > Details > 6 helps it make look crisp enough. But is still a bit reflective.

I think this is the closest thing to real from me. I am happy how it looks like, but not able to get rid of the shiny nature of the cookie

please share your file:


I think it helps if you add micro details to your material, both for color (create a noise that you plug into a ColorRamp) and for bump (mix the existing noise with another with a higher scale through a Mix RGB node):

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Got this, thanks

cookie 3

cookie 4

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