Cooking Class For Animals Animation

hello. This is a blender animation I made.
This animation was Made using only Blender 3D tool

Caracter Design , Modeling , Rigging , KeyFrame Animation , Compositing
all made by myself

Made using Blender 3.4 Version
3840 2160 4K sampling 1100 30 FPS Rendered over 10 days.
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X , RTX 4090 , 64G Ram system.

The 2 minute animation I made 2 years ago had an estimated render time of 30 days, so I didn’t try Cycle render and used EEVEE.

However, Blender has become very powerful now. Rendered for 10 days using Optix at 1100 sampling. If I had a little more money and one more computer to do parallel rendering, I think it could be shortened to 5 days. This is a very good thing for me. I felt that Blender’s rendering time was gradually shortening and the tool’s capabilities were gradually increasing.


The animation of mustard sauce was impossible to simulate liquid.
I used the Metaball to reproduce the movement of the mustard sauce.

The concept of this animation is that Penguin bought a robot cam and gathered his friends to the studio to debut as a YouTuber.
Penguin served as the cinematographer.
The elephant cooks the main dish and the pig assists with the cooking.
The crocodile cheers and serves food.

Of course, I am not a film director, so the directing of the screen may not be interesting or the movement of the animation may be distracting.
I also feel the need to study movie directing.

Making the robot cam was a lot of fun for me.
This is the first time I’ve ever made a robot with a limited turning radius.
It is a bit difficult to keep the camera fixed on a specific object, so two iks were used in combination.
It was difficult for the robot cam’s legs and arms to move freely while the camera was stationary. In particular, it was a lot of study for me to create the hierarchical structure and constraints of bones to eliminate the phenomenon of filp when rotating 360 degrees.

Robot CAM demo Video

Younger people these days probably don’t know about cassette players. I like the classic cassette design.
When listening to music with a monolith like a current cell phone, no mechanical movement is felt. It’s very convenient, but it doesn’t feel like fun when animated.
Cassette players in the 80s have a range of motion that can move here and there like a moving machine. Cassette tapes containing music data are structurally very interesting.

I used ‘Bake Sound to F-Curves’ for the cassette player to move to the music. The cassette jumps to match the bass beat. The speaker next to it will change its scale to match the waveform of the sound. After baking the baked sound curves back into keyframes, we can further fine-tune the curves and delete unnecessary movement. Cassette player jumping on the bass beat had to be erased just like it deleted frequencies other than the bass beat.

I tried a lot to animate the fried eggs.
The eggs’ materials are all made with shader nodes.
The oil in the frying pan was also created with a shader node.
The oil splash was created with the particle function.

The reason I didn’t use a image texture for the fried eggs was because the egg whites had to gradually change from transparent to white and to have a crispy outside when cooked in a frying pan.

4 texture images were used for this animation project.
All other objects and characters are made up of materials created as nodes in the shader editor. I’m quite happy with the functionality of Blender’s shader nodes. The great advantage of using shader nodes is that they can be animated unlike image textures.

The first image on the left is responsible for the crocodile character’s eye expression. It is used to change the expression of the eyes by changing the UV coordinates.

Shader node demo video

I worked as a 2D designer for 7 years and learned Blender3D at a late age to create animations by myself.
Blender 3D has given me a lot of change.
Blender 3D has allowed me to go further and helped me achieve the animation I dreamed of as a child.

When I was a kid we were very poor and I didn’t have any toys.
But now I can create everything I want to have in Blender 3D and make it move.
It’s very fun and cool.
I study to make more fun and enjoyable animations.

Thank you for watching my animation.
Good luck to all creators.

thank you


That’s super cute, thanks for sharing!


thanks for the comment~ :smile::pray:

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All of the incredible details you’ve put into this really bring this animation to life. Overall, it’s super cute and well done. Also, the ending got a chuckle out of me lol. Fantastic work!!

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thank you Although some of the works we make are less popular than a video of someone eating delicious food. I always wonder what meaning the works we create will have. I am very lucky that I met Blender because I already felt happy in the process of using Blender.
thank you so much~

Lovely, I laughed when the Croc ate the tomato!

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I liked it. Studying to get better is always a good idea, but I think you’ve got a solid start here.

It’s very cute and fun to watch! And I really appreciate that you talked about the process and why you had to do certain things in non-obvious ways (metaballs instead of fluid – that worked out well).


Thank you~ Crocodile and friends are my most precious friends.

my friend said He said that it was difficult to concentrate because several characters were moving at the same time. Now you know that when the character you need to pay close attention to is moving, the movements of the other characters may need to be weakened.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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wow thanks a lot~ what a happy day~!~ :partying_face: :partying_face:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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thanks a lot~~ i will more try made a blender Animation Thank you~~ :partying_face: :grinning:

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Really love the each and every detail. Animation is great too.
The overall story with subtle humor made me smile.

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Thank you. It was a bit difficult to create a flow of movement for the three characters in a small space. At first, I made a wide space for the movement of the character, but the screen looked uninteresting and empty. When creating a new studio, it was necessary to make the studio tight and reconfigure the character’s movement line. :rofl: :sweat_smile:

That’s so cute! I love the simple design and colors

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thanks a lot~ i like simple style~ i aim for a simple design. :laughing:

I really like the style. Workflow for boiling egg is something new for me, thanks!

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For me, fried eggs must be “sunny side up”. :smile: :blush: :rofl: