Cooking with Mum

Hey guys,
As part of the Architecture tutorials series of Blender Guru, I created this image:
Modelled in Blender 2.5 and rendered with LuxRender.

Unfortunately that’s the largest size I have! :frowning:
Render time was 30 hours on a Quad Core 2.4ghz Pentium 4.


Closeup of the bread:

My inspiration for this image was memories of my childhood, when I used to cook with my mum on a sunny afternoon :slight_smile:

I used warm colors and soft bloom to give the image a feeling of happiness and surreal memories.

I originally planned to replicate this exact magazine photo. But decided later on in the project to give it my own artistic feel.

Watch the video tutorials:

Excellent job on this and I really enjoyed watching your tut.

Looks great! good job

those are some awfully sharp edges on that table! wouldn’t wanna run into a corner on that thing :wink:

looks good though, nice render!

Argh! I can’t believe I forgot that!!
It was bevelled originally, but I removed it because it messed up my UV wrappinng. I planned to add it at a later stage but forgot. Kicking myself! :mad:
Oh well. Live’ n learn :slight_smile:

nice work ,
i finish the first tutorial
but the second Oh i can’t 30 hours man , my PC will explosed hehe
i think that luxrender good for the exterieur scene 3 hours give you good render
but interieur 30 hours hehe

can you try yafaray , i think it’s good

Really nice job .
I like Luxrender Too ;).

see you

really? 30 hours? on a quad-core?!?
Come on, you must have done something wrong. Did you use portals for the windows?

Yep! Although I did leave it for longer than it needed to be. I didn’t use any noise removal, so I just left it render till it was ultra clear.

Hey , LOL you can use The SmallgGpu to work is faster and use for animation too

but your tut looks nice anyway :wink:

Looks great super realistic. That render times are scary. Thx for tutorials… It’s hard to belive that you had so clean kitchen…

Great job on the kitchen Andrew, Many Thanks for the tut and I saw your video on (keeping it real) very inspiring…

Thanks! And you’re very welcome! :slight_smile: Glad you’re enjoying my tuts.

watching the second one.

wow~~~ this is awesome!! is there any tips to control the render time for luxrender? 30hours is over workloading~ that may not be good for production use IMO.
but your tuts make me feel strongly interested to this cool render engine!!! =) 5* from me

use smallluxgpu, much faster because it uses the GPu