Cool Looking Wheel

Finally got back into blender, since that car most of you guys know about…and I decided to model a wheel:

Sorry I can’t put the image here…anyone know a decent free webhost that allows hotlinking? My reblended website seems to have died…am I the only one??


–Farrell F.

That’s a good wheel!!!

And about the host

Click here

Very rare for me to say anything like this (God knows I love reflections), but it’s too reflective. Turn down the RayMirr or whatever (perhaps Fresnel’ing it up a bit might help…).

[quote=“dhanielc”]That’s a good wheel!!!

Yes it is :slight_smile:

I agree: cool wheel, :smiley:
and I agree w/ you: tripod sucks. It took all of 2 s. for my screen to be littered w/ irrelevant ads. :<

That’s why I like pop-up blockers, but they just don’t do anything for those annoying banner ads with sound…

I use 50free (100 MB of space, 1000 MB of bandwidth (I think) [Edit: per month], and best of all, no ads).

Nothing else to say, it’s a good wheel, but you already know that.