'Copter Dragon

I thought I would start a new project and later stick it in my growing pile of unfinished projects. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had been itching to start this one for a week or two but I had to get my last project “Siddhartha scene” to a state I could call as passable as finished to turn in to school. So, this is a dragon that has no wings but a helicopter pack to get around. As a result he is getting a little chubby. :slight_smile:

So far I tried doing a sculpt but with how slow my computer is being it’s not going to happen. :frowning:
Now I am remaking the mesh to (hopefully) have better flow than the base for the sculpt.

new mesh:

haha nice idea though it looks like the blades arent going to do his head much good at that height lol

Update: I finished roughing out the rest of the mesh besides the mouth. Does the topology look ok? What can I do to improve it?

Another thing. I wasn’t sure how to close the tail, so I did this.

just merge all of the points at the end of the tail, other than that… nice work.

yeah it all looks alright :slight_smile: just try to keep the quads a similar sort of size if you can or more to the point evenly distributed :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input guys. I will try to keep my faces tidy and even :slight_smile:

Another update. I merged the points at the tail, worked on the feet, and added some chubbiness.

haha the rotor blades still look like they are liable to decapitate your poor dinosaur lol might want to make them a little higher up lol

I probably should have mentioned that that problem is on purpose :wink:

However, I am debating whether the blades should fold into the pack.

haha sorry :stuck_out_tongue: felt sorry for the dinosaur lol thought he would die in an acme/ south park style accident haha

That is a good idea. I should stick an acme logo on it or a bumper sticker.
I was also thinking that this dragon isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and gets hit in the head every now and again when the copter revs up and down. :slight_smile:

lol nice idea, im just wondering how he controls it??

There is an on/off switch, like a light switch, on the right side of the pack. He can flick it with his tail. Its not shown in renders but is in the drawing.

It looks cool, but the tail looks a bit on the short side.

haha i look forward to seeing it animated from what you have described :slight_smile:

I’ve worked on the head some. He now has pupils, nostrils, and dentures! not really but he has teeth that are separate objects :slight_smile:

It’s really starting to bug me that I’m not paying attention to where the mouse is when I take screenshots. Always in the center! >.>

Nice! the only thing I would suggest is that you make the chin have a little less fat (like your first render).

The idea is very entertaining and funny :wink:

I love the 3rd screen shot, its as if he is about to eat you. Like Bntser said a little to fat in the chin area.

Update: I fixed the excess chin a little and spiffed up the copter pack rotor and blades.

Is there anything that needs some overhaul or something that isn’t right with the copter pack that needs fixing? Please, let me know!

Another Update: It’s alive!!! Muahaha lighting bolts

The weight painting, however, is horrible and needs a ton of work. :frowning:

Nice job on the Dragon, it is as it seems he was born without wings and needs that helicopter box to fly, and it also seems like if you’re with him when he’s hungry, then he might just eat you.:yes:

Though he still rings a little as a dinosaur to me, perhaps it’s the lack of horns on his head and maybe the lack of spines as well.