Copy a particle system

I wanted to create a duplicate of an existing particle system. Also with modified particles. Is it possible, and what do i need to create this duplicate, if i allready have the Object for this particle-system?

I am facing exactly the same problem as you do. Did you find a solution?

I want to duplicate an existing particle system many times. The duplicateObject instance from Particle seems to be useless. A work around solution would be trying to create each individual particle system inside a loop. However, through python commands, I am unable to specify the visualization object I want to show instead of the particles (manually would be the OB: label). This task may be of course achieved by hand through the Blender GUI, but in my case that is unfeasible due to the high amount of particle systems.

Any ideas?

You can duplicate hair particles system like that :
1- Add a new particles system with +
2- Select the first particles system near Settings
3- Push the 2 on.
You must brush the hair once more

You can duplicate it like so:

import bpy

ob = bpy.context.object

settings =

ctx = bpy.context.copy()
ctx['active_object'] = ob
ctx['object'] = ob

bpy.ops.object.particle_system_add(ctx) = settings

It doesn’t seem to include changes (combing etc.), but I can’t achieve that via UI either - the particle settings dropdown is locked for my test system with edits.

Would this script allow you to import settings from a particle sys located in a different .blend?
If so, how exactly you use it? (coming from someone not knowing programming, python, etc. Just some HTML, and CSS)




You can append a particle system from another blend file.
file menu > append > blendfile > Particle Systems … etc.

Thanks for input bF :slight_smile:

Do you mind clarifying the path though?

“…blendfile > Particle Systems” ?!!

This would suggest (at least to me) that there’s a directory inside the .blend file called Particle Systems. But there isn’t :frowning:
Unless I am supposed to find an sub-file under such name, but in a directory I don’t know.

These are the directories I get. I don’t see how how a particle sys would be in any of these. But I am more than open to be enlightened :slight_smile:

I did append the actual mesh with the particle sys as the emitter over. But it won’t allow me to edit its settings :frowning:

Oh! Never mind!

I found the way!
As simple as duplicating it locally, by hitting the + sign next to the ps name (rolling eyes).


Will importing hair/fur particles of any 3d model be like modyfying that only one?