Copy animation from one object to other


again a supposed simple one:
How can I copy the animation from one object to another? The target object isn’t animated yet. I’ve tried, read, searched everything but don’t find it. I’ve examined all animation windows.

As you see in the outliner window, the Cube is animated (displayed as “Animation”).How can I copy or link that “Animation” to Cube.001?

I do not see how to establish that link. Maybe I think wrongly because I’m a programmer, but I expect to establish it like, for examle, we link a mesh to an object, which is also shown as a sub node of an object in the outliner.


Select the cube with no animation, shift select the cube with the animation then Ctrl+L / Animation data (or Object / Make Links menu) to link the animation. Alternative you can use the Dopesheet set to Action Editor to apply any action to your object any action. You can then press the number to the right of the action to make it a single user so the animations are then no longer linked (or U in object mode)

There it is! Thanks a lot. I didn’t know to use Ctrl+L for this. I already examined the dope sheet window in action editor mode but somehow… well it works now. Thanks again!