Copy animations fbx to an existing armature in blender

(iuri sousa werneck pereira) #1

I have a lot of animations and one model in diferent folders like the pictures bellow shows:



I have to connect the movements of these animations to the armature of my model to import in the game that my friends are creating in Unity.

The problem is when I import these fbx animations into blender it comes only the armature instead of the animation and the model. Then I have to copy the animation of this armature to the armature of my model. When I copy these animation moves into the armature of my model, the animation of my model’s armature gets distorced.

The following picture show what i’m trying to do:

The following picture shows how it get distorced:

After getting the moves to my model, I need to import it along with the animations in Unity, because a i have some friend doing a game in Unity. I really need help, this is my final course project at school.

And sorry for my bad english. I am from Brazil.

Thank you very much in advance!