copy f-curve and paste to another object?

…how do I? So for instance I can make a bunch of objects rotate uniformly. Thx.

Use a constraint modifier on each and point them at a parent (empty) that rotates. I don’t think that you can copy paste f-curves.

You can copy the f-curve to the clipboard. Then, on your other object, insert a single like channel key, for instance location. That creates the channel that you can paste into. The entire contents of the f-curve can be pasted into that channel.

But there are other ways to do simultaneous synchronized rotation/animation. You could add your source object with the animation to a group. Then create a plane and subdivide it. Add a particle system to the plane and have it emit from the vertices. Set the emitter to group and choose your group name. Make your start and end particle system values to frame #1. Set lifetime to the length of your animation. Set you the particle count to the vertex count of the grid. At this point the particle system would be deploying your source object to every vertex on emitter (very similar to Duplivert) but you would still have the particle system features of random size and fields.

Thats cool Atom, thanks for the explanation. I didn’t know that you could define a channel to paste into, that makes sense although an auto creation of an appropriate path would be better I think.

Wow! This is exactly what I was trying to do yesterday!

Yeah, you can just select an f-curve ctrl-c and ctrl-v it into any action that has an equivalent bone. Make sure the keyframes are aligned. The copy-paste tool places the first keyframe at the cursor’s location.

But I have another question:

Is it possible to mix two actions in the NLA editor and save the result as a new action?