Copy flipped keyframes not working quite right

So upon discovering this wonderful feature (much thanks to randy), it doesn’t seem to working quite right. Or I’m doing something wrong.

When I copy/paste the first half of my walk cycle (using the flip keyframes option) things don’t seem to line up quite right.

Frames 4 and 53 (marked 1 and 2 on the images) should be exact flipped copies of each other, but the hands don’t quite line up right (the fingers curl up more on image 2 than in 1).

I suspect whatever has been done is an easy fix, or at least I hope so.

Link to the blend file, never used Pasteall before so I hope it works:
Pplease note that this model and rig is not free for use.

yep … got your file just fine…

Nice dragon!

what ever is happening is happening just after frame 50

frame 53 so I don’t think it’s got anything to do with any copy/paste you might have done on your main frames 0-50-100

I think you need to edit in your Action Editor… in the Walk current action… that Left foot… (ik_hand.L)… and the four fingers… and do some adjustments on those at the ‘action’ level just add a few more frames adjusting the rotations up or down as needed…

actions constraints can be a pain to work with in animation some times… I try to avoid using them in my Riggs for this very reason…

also I don’t worry to much about toes penetrating into the ground to much it’s when they stick up too far that it looks odd…