Copy logic bricks within

Is there a way to copy logic bricks and place them in another state in the same object?
That would save me hour of time–An expression

EDIT: Read my last post for the answer

Oh and if there isn’t a way, tell me fast please

Final::there is not a copy logic brick option to copy logic bricks to different state of same object::final

You can do

Trigger-------and---------Property=Other property

If x=15---------and--------Property JumpDist= Charge

So one state is using the property, and the other grabs is when it needs it and saves it,

Sorry, I have no idea what you mean. I think I made myself unclear

I mean to copy logic bricks from one state to another state in the same object so I can modify them separately
Ex: a gun selection has different animations for each gun draw (selected)…I want to use the same logic bricks but change their animation and select time of each…that I think, would need a copy/paste function :slight_smile:

you can run the other state at the same time,

like state gun->runs gun animation system

state-Rocket launcher->uses gun animation system to drive it’s logic.

I will help you rig up any logic you need, just describe it,

I assume you’re not talking about copying logic bricks in the game engine (while running the game). You can use use every sensor or actuator multiple times over multiple states. For this purpose pinning the sensor or actuator comes in handy.

wow…I totally forgot about pinning…well that single-handedly solves my problem

But thanks for the help BluePrint, it got me farther down my treacherous road :slight_smile: