copy logicbrick

(jeotero) #1

how do i copy a logicbrick to another object ?

(ndnchief) #2

You can find many answers to your questions by searching the Forum. Try looking first then if you cant find it , then post. The search engine is really helpful. Just a tip. Go here.

(jeotero) #3

i did a search like “copy bricklogic” and nothing :stuck_out_tongue:


(jeotero) #4

he he he stupid search engine

(saluk) #5

Search didnt work because they are usually called “logicbrick” and not “bricklogic”. :slight_smile: Search should be smart enough to figure THAT out.

(jeotero) #6

i use logicbrick i put “copy” instead of “copying”

(gargola) #7

i think it was ctrl + L then click were it says logic bricks.hope that helps! :smiley:

(Pooba) #8

Lol, so many posts for a simple little response…

Select the object you want to be copied to, then select the object to be copied from by shift-clicking, and then hit ctrl-c and click logicbricks.

Ctrl-L is for copying objects to other scenes.


(ndnchief) #9

Man, thats the exact information on the post I gave him a link too. As a matter of fact, it was your post POOBA… LOL :smiley:


(jeotero) #10

I swear, I swear, I use the search engine but couldnt find anything before, SNIF, SNIF, please , please forgive me … he heh

just kidding guys thanks for all the help :wink:

Maybe we can name this thread “Open Source Search Engine” and the beautiful changes it need :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

(Pooba) #11

Whoa, you put a link there! I didn’t even see it, and neither did he :smiley: