copy multi mats on 1 obj to copy of obj

hey hey peeps

I cannot seem to find a way to copy an object’s multiple materials to a copy of the object that does not already have the materials. And copy those mats to exact same verts.

i have 10 objects that all have the same uv maps, same vert groups, same mesh. Each is just a slight form variation. Other than that, they are exactly the same. I made them all with one material. Now i want each mesh to have the same several materials assigned to the same clumps of parts.
I have portioned one object’s verts with the various materials (mats are in clumps, not random). I have even then assigned those verts to groups. So each individual mat has a matching vert group. I tried copying vert groups but results have been more than wonky. I want to assign the exact same verts of Model 01’s various mats to its copies. Copying vert groups method has been wonky. So wonky that really it seems i just need to do it all by hand.

Say it aint so. Please help if you can.