Copy/paste text not working in 2.66?


This is my first ever problem with Blender since I started using it with version 2.49b and I’m hoping its an easy fix, I just can’t seem to figure out what’s going on.

I just upgraded to 2.66 and for some reason Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V in text fields (like in the Transform panel or the name field for objects or the Hex value field) is just not working. I’ve reset all instances of Copy and Paste in my Preferences file to use Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V, saved it, exported it, imported it, but it still won’t work. Any suggestions? A friend of mine also upgraded to 2.66 and isn’t having this problem. I’m attaching the .py preference file just in case.blender 2point66 interface (4.58 KB)

Thanks very much in advance!

Edit: I’ve just done a clean uninstall and reinstall of 2.66 and the copy/paste problem still persists even on a fresh installation. Copy and paste shortcuts work fine for every other program on my computer still - I have no idea what could be causing this.

Edit 2: Remapping the Copy and Paste functions to different keyboard shortcuts doesn’t work, but I know the functions are working because if i Ctrl-C a value from Blender and Ctrl-V it into another program, the copied text pastes fine. However I can’t copy text from another program and Ctrl-V it into Blender, nothing happens. Using the Ctrl key on the right hand side of the keyboard doesn’t work either, so its not a hardware issue with the keyboard.

Edit 3: I just installed 2.64a and the Ctrl-V and Ctrl-C work fine. I’ll just use the older version and hope this isn’t a constant problem with Blender releases going forward. If there’s a correct place to list this as a potential bug please let me know, I haven’t done a lot of bugtesting with Blender before.