Copy Rotation Constraint does not affect Bendy bone?

Hi Everyone!
My rig has control bones are at the beginning, middle and end with 8 segment bendy bones between. The control bones inherit the position of circle empties via copy position constraint and move just fine. However, the bone ends and middle won’t rotate with the copy rotation constraint linked to the same circle empties.

This rig is to animate a dancing soft drink tin, to music via MIDI (using TouchOSC from my iPad in real-time, and the AddRoutes 0.32 add-on from I’m using Blender 2.83 because the python changes after that version broke the add-on and I like “digital puppeteering” in real-time via MIDI.

My question is, therefore, is there a way to give rotation to bendy bone ends in OBJECT MODE?
I intend to animate multiple axes (in this case x and y - forward and sideways rotation) to all 3 circles in real-time via MIDI and use autokey to capture the performance.

It’s probably something really simple and I’m having a bad brain day… :joy: :shushing_face:
I look forward to any input you all may have.

Hi, have you tried using a bone instead of the empty by converting the bone to custom object and animate in pose mode? It should works that way.

Thanks for your suggestion, I may yet try it but I am trying to stay in Object Mode. I find animating in Object mode easier and sometimes faster.

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You can try; child of constraint rotations only.

This is how I’d do it:

bboneCR.blend (928.4 KB)

Middle control’s getting copy rotation from the monkey.

However, when I test a copy rotation directly on the second bone in the b-bone chain, that works too.