Copy Rotation of different Viewports


I was wondering if it was possible to possible to copy the rotation (as well as movement) of one viewport to another (using a python script perhaps?). So that for example if I have two Views and if I rotate one of them, they both rotate, just as If my mouse would be in both areas, and If I move one, the other moves aswell.
The reason I want to do this is because I want to try and model an object while seeing it in Stereoscopic 3D simply by using two viewports and crossing my eyes. This works nicely when im not moving the view, but as soon as I do, only one moves and the stereoscopic effect is lost.
I know that Nvidia has a special stereo 3d driver which can display stuff in stereo 3D, but since I have an ATI graphicscard, I can’t try that.

You’ll have to code it yourself.


Ok, thanks.

I wasn’t sure that would be possible since I don’t know the first thing about writing python scripts for blender.
In that case, I’ll go and do the BSoD/Introduction to Python scripting Tutorial
That should give me something to do over the holidays =)

Real-time Stereo Modeling Viewport ???
Is there a plugin to produce two red/green camera views seperated by 7 virtual cm’s, have them appear in the viewport area superimposed over one other, slightly offset for proper stereo depth?
About the polarized glasses, I have found a monitor that will do stereo for DirectX content using polarized glasses. IZ3D is the company name and LCD monitor model #. Several 3D content-creation programs would show stereo in the working viewports using this monitor: namely, 3DSMax, trueSpace, Rhino (with plugin), Maya, XSI, 3D-Brush (new ZBrush type software from Russia), Metasequoia LE (free, Japanese), Moment of Inspiration (by former Rhino developer in Beta, free).
Another and less expensive is Zalman ZM-190M LCD monitor. Supposedly better and cheaper than above, using somewhat different technology. I am in contact with the company, so I have not gotten exact price, nor read any detailed reviews of its performance. It, too, uses polarized glasses.
As far as other methods, there is SpatialView SVI plugins. Here is what SpatialView had to say when I asked about working/modeling in stereo view with 3D content-creation software, specifically Cinema 4D and 3DSMax:
this functionality is avaiable in Cinema4D Plug-in only, at the
moment. Issues with the Autodesk 3DSMax API make it quite hard to do
something like this. We’re working on it, but I can’t promise that we
succeed - even Autodesk itself is unsure if it could work or not.
There is also a neat little program from France that is a sketch 3D software, called Archipelis. It actually has a red/green stereo view as an interface option. Apparently you can work on your model in stereo 3D using red/green glasses. This is the only program I have ever heard of that has done this. Please post here if you have heard of others, or anything else about Blender and real-time stereo modeling. I am also interested in any software that uses Direct3D for modeling viewport other than those mentioned above. They can be OpenGL-based programs.