Copy texture from one face to another

hey guys, I’m still learning the Blender interface so there is probably an easy way to do this but I haven’t found it.

I have a face with a texture, I have an identical face that will have the same texture… rather than unwrapping and setting up the UV for that blank face, can I just copy the texture/UV from the other face?

Create a vertex group and assign both faces to it. Then simply assign your material to that vertex group.

Thank you very much, this seems to be what I’m looking for… but how do I get the groups to persist between two different meshes?

In edit mode I made a vertex group for one mesh.

I leave edit, select the other object with the face I want to assign to the previously made group… and now in edit mode I don’t have any vertex groups to assign to?

Well no, vertex groups belong to individual objects, so you need to create new vertex groups for each object. If your two objects are identical you could of course replace the second with a copy of your first instead.