Copying and Pasting Foreign Text

Hi people.

I was wondering. Is it possible to copy and paste words from a foreign language, like Russian or Hebrew, into Blender with the Text object? Or no, or not at all? Because I have not been able to accomplish this with the Text tool, at all, not even with English. I think this would be useful if, say, you wanted to create a city in a foreign language country.

(By the way, I only speak English so copying and pasting foreign language letters would be for fun, to me. ;))

Thanks people.

If you go into the Text Editor, copy your words there, and hit “Edit” and “Text to 3d Object,” that does not work either. That is, if the words are a foreign one.

I haven’t tried that.
But i suppose you must have specific fonts installed on your system for the characters to show properly.
Is that the case ? Can you play with such characters in you text-editing software ?

Actually I just take it straight from Google Translate. Most of the time it copies fine (except for something like Chinese) onto a program like Microsoft Word. But Blender apparently doesn’t take any copy and pasting.

I guess it’s not possible because no one has replied? Does that mean we’re stuck with hand modeling foreign text at the moment?

I’ll take the cyrillic example :

  • you have or download a font that features cyrillic letters.
    Comic Sans MS (a stock font on window OS) has Cyrillic letter support by example.

Add a text , then in Object Data tab for that text (the " F " icon) , click that button and browse to your font , by example for the Comic Sans MS, it is comic.tff

Go to Edit Mode, press backspace to delete the default “text”, then type a letter, anything, just to make the Operator tab change into the “Insert Text” (you can press F6 to display that tab as a pop up window too)

Now at the line under Text, copy paste your russian text, by example if i take on wikipedia the russian for “Russian Federation” :
Российская Федерация

I copy paste that at Text
And the text is displayed with cyrillic characters in the 3D view :

Another solution is to get the open source Inkscape :

Select then copy your cyrrilic or hebrew text from whatever source, then back to Inkscape.
Enable the Text tool by clicking on the big “A” icon to the left , or press its shortcut F8.
Click somewhere on the page, then press CTRL+V (or Edit -> Paste) to paste the text you copied, Inkscape use “Bitstream Vera Sans” font that has cyrrilic and hebrew support.

Then click on the arrow big icon to the left (or press F1) then select your text and click on the top menu on “Path” then “Object To Path” to convert the text into path.

Now click on File -> Save As and save what you did into a .SVG file

Go in Blender, click on File -> Import and select “Scalable Vector Graphics *.svg” , browse to your .SVG file and load it

Very interesting! Thanks a lot man.


Edit: It works. Thanks a lot.