Copying Animations from one rig to another

Been struggling with this, finally figured it out. Thought I would post the steps in case someone else is having the same issue. Many of the posts on this topic speak to doing this within the same Blend file. Object to object or rig to rig. My issue has been when I introduce a new character in another file and need to reference the animations from an older file and copy them to my new character.

Note: This will only work if the rigs are exactly the same. Bone names etc all have to be exactly the same. Here are the steps (Blender 2.8 and 2.9):

  1. Open Blend file you want to copy the animation to.
  2. Go to File > Append.
  3. Navigate to the file you want to copy the animation from.
  4. Double click into the Action folder.
  5. Select the Action that is the name of the animation you want to copy. Then click Append.
  6. You’ll notice after clicking Append that the window closes and it appears nothing happened. Clarification on that is below.
  7. In the dropdown in the top left corner of the Dope Sheet select Action Editor.
  8. If you are in Object mode select the rig. If you are in Pose mode you don’t have to do anything. And proceed to the next step.
  9. After selecting Action Editor, to the right there will be a second dropdown. Open that and you’ll see the Action listed there that is the animation you are wanting to copy. Select that and BAM! Your character should snap into position of the first frame of that animation.
  10. Note: after doing the above change Action Editor back to Dope Sheet to ensure you can see the keyframes copied.

Hi, thank you for this !!!:grin:

I am using the Iclone /CC3 Characters for my Character animation
and importing via FBX from CC3 pipeline.

I thought the animation Data transfer menu via: CRTL-L
was the ultimate solution but this will be even more convenient
as I only use the Iclone/CC3 rigs and all of their rigging is identical both male
and female.

knowing method this I can literally create a libray of saved/named actions
( background walkers,Idlers etc) and append the actions
to my main Characters at will.
this will speed up production of my planned animated web series tremendously.

You have helped me greatly!!! :+1:

Anabran, thank you for the response. So glad it has helped! These forums and those spending time posting have helped my 3D work immensely over the years. So glad it could help you! Much appreciated.