Copying between scenes

how do you copy meshes from one scene to another in the same file. I tried to append, but that doesnt work. Can someone help please.

work around
append the object into another .blend and back into the one your working on. thats what I have done its kind of a pain if you do it alot.
how do you move an object from sceene to sceene?

Select the object in source scene and choose the menu Object->Make Links->To Scene and choose the target scene… (or CTRL-L, 1)


Out of curiosity, how does one make different scenes?

Where you see SCE:SCENE in the title bar… click on the widget left of it, choose Add New…

Once I’ve done that, how do i make it a single user copy?

Make a Shft-D duplicate and delete the original (with blue center).


thanks a bunch