copying ipos to another object

I know it’s possible to copy logic bricks from one object to another but what if i have an ipo that i want to copy onto another object, is this possible?


Try ‘Copy Key frames’ and ‘Paste Key Frames’ under “Key” menu in Graph Editor window.

i don’t have a graph editor window ( 2.49)


You have also a ‘Copy Key frames’ and ‘Paste Key Frames’ button in the IPO and the action editor. The buttons have an arrow icon.

  1. Select all curves that you want to copy.
  2. Press the the copy button.
  3. Select the other object an make one keyframe.
  4. Press the paste button.

The object where you paste your keyframs must have minimum one keyframe of the same type.
Position x --> Position x
Position x,y,z --> Position x,y,z
Position x,y,z ; Rotation x,y,z --> Position x,y,z; Rotation x,y,z