copying physics (actor, ghost, dynamic)

i got about 270 planes in my game. They are little flowers, so of course i dont want my character to stop when colliding, so i want them planes to not restitute to collision, like a ghost. Of course i normaly would yust press the button “ghost”. But i dont wanna do this 270 times…is there a way to copy the attributes? when i copy the logic bricks it only copies the sensors and stuff, but not the “actor stuff”.

plz help, thx a lot…

You can turn off collision of the planes by selecting one and pressing ‘W’ then Clear…Collision. I’m not sure how to copy these settings but there might be an option to copy settings like this on the normal copy mode menu.

Edit: I think its Clear not remove so I changed it.

You could delete 269 of the planes, set it once, and then duplicate it 270 times…?

@magicman: yeah, that works, good to know. but actually it doesnt make the whole thin faster for me but thanks anyway, its a good way of doing that.

@lighting: hmm :slight_smile: good idea but in my case i cant do this, because all my planes are a little different in size, form and position.

Well if they’re just planes, meaning they’re only 2 tris each. 270*2, would make it 540 tris. That won’t slow your computer down too much and the culling wouldn’t have such a major effect on such a small amount of tris anyways. So just select all the objects and join them to make 1 mesh. After you do that, just do what MagicMan said.

Jason Lin