Copying pose libraries?

I’m planning to make several (simple) characters with similar (copied) armature. I know someone posted a way to copy pose libraries between armatures, but I can’t find it any more. It would be nice to have base poses for animating ready right after skinning.

How it should be done?

Are there special considerations? Naming, preventing crosstalk etc.?

Any special problems with linked libraries?

If you already have a pose library just select the pose library it for your new armature

Yes, that works, if you have pose library when you copy it for new character and skin it, but what if you have multiple character with same (original) armature and you later make large pose library for one of them; can you copy it for other characters? I actually remember that someone posted a way for this, but I can’t find it any more. Also, this might help others, if they have pose lib copying needs…

When you create a pose library, you are actually creating an action. So if you have 1 character file with a pose library, you can add it to other characters by simply appending the action that is the pose library. Of course, the armature bones need to have the same names. Also, off the top of my head (not tested) I would think the armatures/characters need to be the same size/scale. For example, a pose library for a character 3 feet tall wouldn’t work for one that’s 6 feet tall…


Appending Action seemed to work! Thanks!