Copying Preferences and Addons [Portable]

What’s the least convoluted way to copy my preferences from, in my instance, 2.81 to 2.83.
I’m running the portable version with the config and scrips sitting inside the blender folder on my Google Drive.

I did find one solution to run blender via a bat file that pointed it to my 2.81 configs, whilst that was almost perfect i was finding a lot of issues with the behaviour in 2.83 and tested a blank no config 2.83 and confirmed what ever i was bringing over from 2.81 was not playing nice.

Now i’m left with a dilemma of how to bring over my hotkeys and addons from version to version.

I’ve tried adding my 2.81 configs to my %appdata% folder in hopes that the new version detects it and asks to copy preferences from that, but i’ve not been given the option in 2.83

I must miss something because what I simply do I copy these files from the original folder to the new one:


and then the addons and presets folder.

I did this also using a thumb drive and carried my config files to work with no problem.
Would that work for you?

My 2.81/Scripts/Addons folder contains a bunch of built in blender addons as well, so when i copy it over my addon menu is spammed with duplicate addons.

I’ll try just copying those files over.

Okay that works, but for some reason when i copy over my prefs from 2.81 to 2.83 my depth selection picking is all whack. I can select meshes in front of other meshes anymore.

*Edit, i had to remove my startup.blend for some reason and everything is behaving like expected.
Perfect thank you very much @Andrew_Ray, you’re method works perfectly.

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Glad it worked!

I’m bumping this again, because i feel like the above solution worked for a little while, between blender 2.8.x versions.
But i’ve been noticing with new versions of blender 2.9.x the above solution isn’t working as well.
I’m getting little hot spots of issues when i’m copying files over.

My general approach has been to copy over config from version to version, as well as my presets.

Then i’d copy over addons, but wouldn’t replace any exsisting files, to preserve newer versions of built in addons, and only copy over 3rd party addons.

Is there any easier ways to handle updating blender portable versions, the installer version has an option to grab preferences from older installed versions but that option isn’t in portable.