Copyright-issues on BA?

I’ve noticed that with the new Blenderartists-website, whenever I link to a reference image from other sources (other websites), Blenderartists does not only show the picture from the other source, it actually downloads the picture, uploading it to Blenderartists-website.

I’m a bit concerned about this because what if the original author of that image don’t want it shown anywhere else, or wants a link to the original website? All sorts of copyright-issues actually.

Wouldn’t it be a lot safer just to show the image directly from the source, when clicking the image one is directed to the original source?

It’s a common practice on all kinds of web platforms to cache such images locally to prevent broken content in the future. In addition, we do a lot of local processing to scale/crop images for better performance and lower bandwidth usage for our visitors - this is only possible if you have a local copy.

If you don’t want your work to appear on another site, don’t post it there.