Coral Electric Sitar

I wanted to model one of my favorite instruments, the Vinnie Bell designed sitar by Coral/Danelectro. It first caught my attention years ago when I saw Steve Howe (Yes) playing one. Then again with Pat Metheny a few years later with his “Last Train Home” song. Google it and you’ll be surprised at all the songs it’s been featured on! It’s a very interesting “guitar” - I would love to have one in my collection.
More info on the Coral Electric Sitar:
Larger images on my site

Thanks for looking!


That came out great. Seen a few string instruments posted here (that look great too), but alot of people dont go the extra mile to put the outer winding’s on the strings, they normaly just run the bare core wire and call it a day… the details… the details :+1:


Thanks, Joe! I really appreciate the comments! :slight_smile:

Detail work is great!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have an electric guitar and I can tell you that I prefer this guitar (which is in 3d) than the mine.

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