Coral reef, 90s wallpaper style!

First post here, not sure how it works!

Made this animation with eevee a little white ago. The corals are some CC0 assets from sketchfab on which I added colors, the fishes are pictures from pixabay unwrapped over some simple fish models that I created, the skull is also a CC0 asst from blendswap, and I have managed to loop the bubbles in the background (it wasn’t that difficult).

All that rendered in eevee because Cycles is tough on my macbook pro sometimes. Feedbacks are welcome :slight_smile:


It looks good! You have a good composition and a nice flow.

One thing I would suggest is a fog with some noise in it to simulate how water gets denser. Other than that, good job.

Thanks for the feedback @arch111 , appreciated! You’re right, there could be some variation in the atmosphere for more realism, I’ll put that on the list :slight_smile: