Cordless Apple Mouse shaking?

Blender project shaking when I use my brand new iMac with cordless mouse. How can I stop that.

get a mouse pad. or get a real gaming mouse.

Thank you for your reply. Yes Blender 2.79 work fine with my old Mighty Mouse with cable. Do you think Blender has solved the problem with the cordless mouse on Blender 2.8 I hope they have.


its not blender, its the mouse hardware.

either the sensor on a bad surface (jittering) or the touch scrolling being over sensitive.

try using the mouse on plain paper.

The cordless mouse ar made by Applepeople.

From experience at using apple mice over many years I have come to the conclusion that Apple are crap at making mice. Any cheap mouse is much better, more comfortable to hold and more reliable at doing what I expect a mouse to do.

I contacted Applesupporter and told him that you told me. He refuse to have anything to do with this. He blame Blender. I told him if Apple have any responsibility Apple start making mice with cables and without as it was before.