Corona character [Lust]

Hey guys!

I am doing something I’ve never done before (except for a bit of texturing help), I am asking for your help. I started learning more about organics and topology in the past weeks, and I want to develop a character for our game.

I will post the process images here, and I am open for honest critique. I hope that I can learn a lot by doing this, as lots of others before me did already. Well, here is the base mesh and the face mask blocked out so far:

I am not satisfied with the following:
*back muscle structure - too long, too flat, not interesting and incorrect (although it might be covered with loose clothes)
*waist and hip, they seem to be strange, incorrect
*boobz - we need huge bosoms, since thats the idea of the character (Lust), having fake mouth and tits.
*buttocks - a bit strange, or flat rather, dunno

Any ideas, how could I make the crotch a bit “bigger”, but still anatomically correct? Since it should be a bit more outward, it should be visible from the side, but still, the thights cover it, is it because she is standing? Hmm…

I have modeled after a cartoon reference, and I think it made me srew up. I will try to get some nice head refs, since I cant sculpt nor do a head from memory. But anyway, at least some progress was done. Don’t freak out, the head model (with the eye nose and mouth applied) is not serious, I am not even considering it as a sketch, since it turned out so fucking lame and alien like. I will start it from scratch.

If you have any ideas why did it turn out to be this hideous, then dont hold back, I love honest critique.

Old, dumped, almost finished head:

New head shape, still thinking about how to start again:

Straight to the point :wink:

From the back Lust looks like a man.
Consider that women have large pelvic bones,
make the hips wider relative to the shoulder.

If you’re not satisfied with the buttocks, make
them more pert, or simply bigger to exaggerate
the curve of the back.

Focusing on some small details like the collar
bone (clavicle) might shift your mind from the
large details to the structural necessities. A
lot of tissue is connected to the clavicle!.. 8)

For the back muscles - think about the size and
position of the shoulder blade bones (scapula)
before the attached muscles that go over.

Drawing in underlying detail with the grease pencil
can help to stay on top of topology and overall form.

“Happy blending!..”