Corona Renderer

Pinging @bsavery who maybe has some experience with material properties - into node values?

Unfortunatly already sent whole PM to many people who can helps me

I’m thinking about rename the script to something “BCorona3S” or to “CoronaBlend” ?
What do you think guys??? ))))))

By the way, the script has been adapted to Blender 3.0 (alpha):


Great! So when is release date?

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Still in progress…

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I don’t think this is a good idea.

Are you mean about rename the addon?

You are re-writing an add-on so in my opinion you can rename it however you want :slight_smile:

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Is it an exporter/bridge evolved from previous versions or are you making a whole new addon/plugin capable of fetching previews, able to run interactively?

It is changed existing code lines with some editons that can be works fine in 3.0 alpha (with some basics but not full). But I stayed with “private repo” on it now.