Corona Virus Short Film- SOCIAL DISTANCING - with animations

In light of another month of self-isolation I wanted to create a film that explores how all of us are feeling in the midst of this crazy time. My new short film Social Distancing is about a survivor in a virus infested world where people have stopped communicating.

It was important for me to make this project in a timely manner, so we shot for two days with just two people, and then I animated and edited the film in a few days as well. Due to wanting to release it fast, I never actually got to see a full res animation until it was finished. My skill in Blender is BEGINNER to say the least, but I still think the film is effective in the message it was trying to convey. You can watch the entire film by clicking here-

Though I am a beginner I can still see so many lighting mistakes and texturing differences that I could have done differently, it really makes me appreciate how talented animators are in general. I also want to say how much I appreciate the blender community because no matter what issue I run into with trying to learn this difficult craft, I have always been able to find the answer in forums, or by asking more talented animators.