Correct use of "Texture Bake" menu option

i was wondering if there was a mini-tut or a kind soul who would explain the correct use of the ‘texture bake’ button in the “UVs” menu in the UV/Image selector window. can i bake my procedural textures for use in the game engine with this?

yes, just be sure you set your UV coords first, or it wont do anything.

please elaborate on the whole process?

  1. create a uvmap of your object.
  2. add a procedureal texture to your object the way you normally would.
  3. in the uv editor select UV->texture baker. Choose Replace and your resolution. It will render the procedural texture according to your uvmap in the render window. Save the render as you normally would.

Hint: make your material shadeless before baking or the spec and lighting will be baked as well


hm, this could make for some excellent looking games…raytraced in advance to add realism…

im stilll stuck in the days of vertex shading only, or rudementary uv textures, but cool procedural textures

ok, i tried…perhaps im doing somehting wrong

here is what i did

  1. opened a new blend
  2. selected the default cube
  3. switched to face mode
  4. pressed Ukey
  5. selected ‘Cube’
  6. switched to material buttons
  7. using the default material, i made the default texture ‘magic’
  8. in the uv window, UVs i selected ‘Texture Baker’
  9. i then clicked ‘replace it’, ‘ok’, and ‘256’
  10. after it rendered, i went back to the UV window, clicked ‘Image’ then ‘Open’
  11. i selected the rendered file

now, if i switch the viewport shading to ‘Textured’ and press pKey, i see my magic textured box. however, every egde is blue. so i went back to my render, and saw that it had a blue (background?) border as well. what am i doing wrong?

it sounds like it should work, but if it doesn’t try using jms’s or z3rod’s script instead. the thread is in python and plugins somewhere.

There seems to be a bug which shifts the image in relation to the uv map and scales it slightly too. I go in and manually adjust the uv coords to the newly rendered picture. Not as hard as it sounds, but annoying :frowning:

It’s really neat for things like leather and snake skin textures as well. Bake a veroni texture and apply as a uv map and you have a seamless leather like texture for bump mapping etc.


yes there is a slight offset. best way to deal with it imo is to select/scale the UV islands individually, instead of selecting everything at once and using constrained scaling which sometimes works.

is this a bug? should/has it been submitted?

‘baking’? Is that creating an actual image file from a procedural texture?

‘baking’? Is that creating an actual image file from a procedural texture?[/quote]
yup, like so:
[my script did that btw]

my script, in a zipped exampe .blend [copy/paste link]

jms’s thread [second post I take to mention my script… ]

this thread is pretty much the exact same as:

I think jms might need to be reminded to fix that in his script, but I also think mine could be modified [to have a good ui and behavior] and be commited to the blender source as well [is instead asking too much?]. Last I checked I had it public domain [no license required: license, modify, paint as you wish], so it isn’t out of the question for someone else to do that