Correct way to use third party content?

I have a question…
Sometimes when making your own personal project (in this case an animation), sometimes you have songs in mind that would go perfectly with what you are making.
and if you wanted to put them on youtube or try to be more ‘official’ about the whole process, they say you can get permission from people who own certain content to use it but is that really a possible thing to do for a nobody?

If you want to know where i’m coming from with this, i’ve been working on a personal project of mine that will hopefully be a series of animations using the same setting and characters to follow a story. So… almost like some sort of web 3D cartoon? And i was hoping that i could make a little intro and i know of a song i would love to use even just a small portion of it. But i don’t feel like throwing the song in and say nothing about it other than the name of it is really the okay thing to do for a project i want to treat as a serious piece work.

Does anyone know how you can go about contacting people to ask for permission? > if getting a response can be expected > and if you get the permission, how do you let a website like youtube know you have the permission?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Sure it’s possible, but bear in mind that “getting permission” usually means “paying for the license to use the material in a very specific, limited context and with very specific, limited distribution”. For example, if you purchase a license to use the song in a short film that’s only distributed via DVD, you don’t necessarily have the right to use that same piece of music in a series that plays on YouTube.

As for how you go about getting permission… if the artist is small enough, you can try contacting them directly. More likely, though, if the artist has signed with a studio, you’ll probably have to go through them for licensing.