Corrective shapekey problem

I have a problem.

I’m creating corrective shapekeys to have advaned muscle deformation.
For the biceps, I wish I could set the shapekey value to one when my foreamr bone as rotation value of 90° with its parent.

The problem is that I have a FK/IK constrained rigg to be able to switch.
Constrained bones don’t have any inheritated transformations value in the N pannel…

Where can I find this rotation value?

If there is no solution, it meens that corrective shapekeys can be done only using FK rotation value… and this is really problematique

please help!!!


I’ve find a solution!!!

There is an operation in the driver programation pannel that allow us to read the difference of angle between 2 bones.
Tha means for the arm everything is OK and for the clavicle I just need to create a second Clavicle bones that just can’t rotate and will read the value between this bone and the deformation bones!!!

I believe I’m not the first to find the solution but… if anyones was looking for the answer…


This solution works pretty nicely but I have to create reference bones to read the rotation angle difference.
Works fine with unidirectional rotation but in the case of multi directional rotation, I have to create different reference bones with rotation constraints and limitation so that each one will affect a unic shapekey based on its rotation direction.

This is mandatory for the time being as angle difference is based on every direction.
If you move the arm toward the front the shapekey will be enable as if it was move toward the top…

So, it needs some preparation but it’s not as difficult as Piero rigging :smiley:

Is any one can advise me a good recording software to make tutorial videos?