Correctly Proportioned Spider

(harkyman) #1

Final model-only render for my spider. Used a teeny bit of DOF, and a nice big fake GI sphere for the overall illumination. I then added a straight spot for the heavy directional light. Blender’s scanline renderer can really so some nice work if you kick it hard enough.

Full size here.

She’s proportioned much more closely to a real spider this time. My last one looked like a fricking ant.

I’m pretty sure how I’m going to put it into an environment, but any suggestions you have will definitely be considered.

(BgDM) #2

:o :o :o

/me picks his jaw up from the foor

Very nice work and one hell or a render. Your are right about the old scanliner in blender too. If you add a bunch of spot only lamps to fake some GI, it comes out very nice in deed. Just need to do the extra work to get it to that point.

For an environment, she looks like she should be in a city scene, trashing the crap out of it.


(theeth) #3


Can I ask how you did the reflection map?

very sharp modelling skill… GREAT!

PS grumble now, how am I suppose to win… :frowning:

(slikdigit) #4

verry nice. good attention to ‘rounding’ details modeling+texture+lighting=woohoo!

(S68) #5


/me hurries back to his model…


(dickie) #6

absolutely beautiful.
the chordes in the back really pull me in.