Corridor scene

It’s a low ish poly scene (30k) made with modular assets, I think the eevee renderer its pretty on par with cycles, what do you think?




Yeah, Eevee has a few problems though. For example, edge fading looks unrealistic. You can turn off edge fading, but then reflections don’t show up on edges while orbiting because it only renders refections in the camera view & it takes a second for reflections to show up in edges while moving the camera. A good solution to unrendered edges though is to just crop in post.

Honestly, I love Eevee though. It’s amazing how you can see reflections and stuff in real-time. I remember having to wait like 8 hours for a render in SketchUp with Twilight Render just to see reflections. That render engine had better caustics than Cycles though, despite the materials being limited to mainly editing the reflectiveness, bump, IOR, and choosing between like 10 pre-made shaders.

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