Corvan Runner-II Corvette

This is the Corvan Runner-II Corvette Subcapital Starship.

Please, comments and critiques, but keep in mind that this is intentionally a low-poly model.

To the right is a shot of the underside of the vessel.

I cannot texture to save my life, so yeah. Anyone willing to volunteer to texture a later model would receive a boatful of kudos from me.


Runner II-class Corvette.blend (181 KB)

Looks good, keep up the good work!

Set on smooth! lolz

It’s not supposed to be smooth. Those angles are intentional.

oh, okay I understand lolz

Keep up the good work; I like your style of work.:smiley:

I’m curios how are you going to make the details on this one.
The initial base mesh looks very well. Will you be texturing the whole thing with procedural or even bitmap textures in the end?

I’m sorry Alfisko… what do you mean?

Also, thanks, Monkey.

Bah, should’ve read your post before I talk… :frowning: Sorry
Well but you can still make highpoly model and then bake normal map out of it.
Also, if you model lowpoly you should learn how to texture. It’s not that hard, so try it ;).
If you’ll be looking for some good images for the texture, then check these two links:

But I guess that you already know about cgtextures ;).
And don’t forget to turn on Ambient Occlusion (in render settings) next time you render it. It looks much better then.

I actually have no idea what you’re talking about… I only model. I’ve tried texturing, but inevitably fail miserably at it.

In other news, I’m working on a Corvan Dessie.

Well, I’ve finished the Corvan Destroyer model, next up is the Frigate!

I would like some assistance though… is there any way to “Copy To” and “Paste From” other files? I’d like to show my Destroyer and Corvette side-by-side.

Sorry about the triple-post…


Brawler-class Destroyer.blend (231 KB)

Shift+F1 is what you’re looking for
(or File -> Append)

And I tell you again: Learn to texture or you’re going to fail miserably in 3D art ;).

neat ship designs, did you come up with them yourself or are they from a game/ tv series / movie??


They’re pulled out of my head, although I did draw some inspiration from the Corellian Corvette from Star Wars and the Tau’ri starships from Stargate.