Corvette-Like Car

Yeah, yeah… Bottom-Fedder have come back with new model. :wink: I know I said that I will finnish texturing my Strange Aircraft but I wanted very much to do some car first. :slight_smile: So don’t worry I will texture this aircraft. :slight_smile:

Cut to the chase:

Inspired by Corvette (ofcourse it is not the same). Here it is:

Comments are welcome. :wink:

Awesome!..but it looks bumpy and rough…

Ok. I’ll try to translate:

“Good but bad”. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Love the corvette, looks like a cross between the new models and a 80’s model for the back. keep it up

wow very nice mesh you got there man… can’t wait to see it with materials and textures

Ya definitly reminds me of the '82 Corvette’s rear tail-light area.

I love it! It does look like a 70/80 style sting-ray vette missing the front clip. I saw one like that once after the driver put them poor horseys in tha ditch. :smiley:

Keep it up, I want to see some color and shine!

on the first cap, at the bottom down corner, behind the wheel “hole”, there is a shape that looks strangely “handmade”