Cosmo (2D in Blender)

I wanted to try playing around more with the technique I used on the Firefox logo I made. So, I decided to give Cosmo a shot!

Definitively want to see a wires, materials and render set up of this… is a perfect 2d image, and I’m really curious how you get this result…

I would like to know also, this is well done.

looks too good
i need to see wireframes

Please tell the secrets.

It’s really simple. It’s all made of multiple planes shaped and textured then layered in certain orders with the camera in orthographic and only environment lighting.

Here’s a quick screen shot of the had to show how it was all built.

Oh… It’s a little bit disappointing… the result is great, but the system isn’t very useful to animate…

Yeah I’ve been trying to think of an easy way to do it for animating with the same quality. But I can’t seem to come up with anything other then doing each frame by hand. :frowning:

just something like this one.
I’ve scanned the drawings and gave them a png transparency, then mapped onto planes (or some another plain mesh).


interesting, thank you for sharing.

@meschoyez, interesting technique… but your camera movements are limited to a 2D plane… if you want to make a round pan will be a headache…

Looks good I’ll have to play around with that some time!

very intresting, I never had tought about this.

Of course, this project has to be in a sort of 2d style. The meshes have a very little volume, to get the right shading; volumetric enough to preserve the cartoon style. But, of course, not for a round pan; the workaround would include a hand draw sequence for make a turnaround, plus some meshes modeled for that task. Another movements in that project were zoom in and zoom outs, Dollys and pannings. In the second clip there are a church modeled in 3d, with 2d characters. Here you can see how they mix together. :wink: