Cossak - afterburn Style - update 26 jan

Hello this is my new Wip - cossack I used Makehuman head as base. Simple tell me what you think. Thanks

~removed by mod: unconstructive~

Nice model. Are those faces extruded? Anyway next time you start modelling don’t Alt+D and flip x but use the mirror transformation tool and whack the Do Clipping button so you don’t have to worry about those damn verts in the middle mirror plane moving in x-direction ever again :smiley:

As SrL suggested, the mirror modifier is very useful for symmetrical modelling.

Looks good so far but I can’t really tell as it too dark and blends in the (default blue :|) background. Perhaps add a lamp or two so we can see the details better.

Looks good, but the wrinkles look a bit extreme to me.

New render - some simple work on materials - I want to make hand drawed texture on face and I have no idea how to simply and efectively unwrap the face mesh. Maybe that’s why I hate texturing.

About wrinkles - it is a part of my style - the face will look old, tired and eroded :wink:

Yes those wrinkles are extruded, about mirroring - thanks :wink: