Costom chopper OCC style

hi everyone,
I’ve been working on this chopper lately and Id like to hear [read] some opinions,
its by far not finished, I still got to do the head light, handles, pedals,mirror, break… did I forget anything?
I also included a render I did before I added the seat, front fender and the chain…
so what do you think?


good model…cant wait to see it done.

did I forget anything?

Nice model, but you are not an engineer. Your engine has only one pushrod per cylinder. Compare with original pics. It simply wouldn’t be functional like that. BTW, they did the same thing in the game “American Choppers”. At least you are not alone:D EDIT: If you worry about H.D. copyright equip it with an overhead camshaft and drive it with a chain. Then it’s not a Harley engine anymore and you never get in copyright troubles.
I heard H.D. is very restrictive about that issue. They will make you pay if you plan to release a game using their brand.

thx for the comment,
No Im not an engineer, I know wery little about engines so I dont really know the role of push rods… the idea was to get something that reminds people of an engine, and I think that I achieved my goal ;). I dont really wory about copy right cuz Im making the bike just for myself, Ive got no idea about the brand of the engine blueprint I used because I just googled an engine, prehaps you could help, I’ve attached the blueprint. More over I do drive it by chain , and what difference would it make if i had an overhead camshaft? I’ve got no clue