I`ve created a cottage a couple of days ago, and so the result:

Addons used:

  • Jarch viz for the roof
  • Archimesh for windows
  • sapling + particles - trees
  • Plancher for the floors.

I hope you liked it.

Good picture.

Few hints: the house looks to clean. There´s no white walls out there which are 100% free of dirt. I would add a bit, this will increase realism. The other thing regarding the white walls: I think there is no displacement on it. I would add some, cause there is definitely no facade in reality, which is 100% flat. What I also try to figure out: why is that platform below the left balcony that long? On the right hand balcony, there is no overhang of these wood poles. I also think, that the ground should not be that wavy…

Good start though!

good work.maybe slightly more contrasty lighting.trees look very realistic,how did you achieve it with sapling?

Very nice one.
Other than jero3d said, I actually think this clean look works very well with this scene, maybe only some bump on the white walls.

yep trees and house amazing :slight_smile:

most visible for me —> ground/grass is strange… maybe too uniform i guess
white wall material --> needs sume bump or something to not be so perfectly flat

but all other parts are amazing IMHO

Hello Amazing work. I agree with what Jero said. But apart from those details awesome. Would you mind share about your lighting setup?

Very nice, really. Could you give us more detail about the grass and tree? A single render (with a lower quality or lower resolution should be fine) or something like that? Was the leaf made with texture or it was modeled? I was impressed about the level of detail of the tree and the beauty of the grass.


Soft, realistic, nice. Contrast is OK.

These trees looks very realistic. I’m truly impressed. Could you share your node tree you have used for leaves, and tell how exactly did you made these trees?

super good and the trees look A+++. Yes the house looks as if it was just powerwashed 2 hours ago, but that’s OK.

Great job, very good, I would like to know more about lighting and rendering settings

maybe through some bump mapping on the walls otherwise a plus

Me too.

Those trees are probably the best sapling trees I’ve seen. Very nice shader on the leaves.

Very realistic scene. I like the way you use grass particles instead of grass texture. We should never use grass texture. We should use actual grass models on top of mud or soil texture.

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Beautiful scene and that lighting is incredible…wish I could figure out how to make it that realistic.

hi, very nice scene, good job mate, i love it very much

if i may know, what render engine did you use? is it cycles?

Looks really good.

If you were doing this for an architect I’d say you pretty much nailed it.

Almost realistic but flawless. The ‘ideal’ that would sell a project.

Not everyone does 3D, most, who don’t, would likely take this as a photo.

I’m working on archviz skills at the moment. Hoping to achieve results as good as yours in the not too distant future!