Cotton Spinning Mule


I have just finished my latest project recently.

This machine here is a traditional self-acting spinning mule as they were used from the Industrial Revolution to the mid-1900s. The asset uses a mid-poly workflow with weighted normal. I decided to be more detailed, use more polygons than I would do in production. You should be able to get close and see all the bolts and nuts. The gears should not feel gamy and have proper proportions. Still, it was important for me to use the same techniques I would for real production.If you are further interested in the process of creating this asset, check out my blog. I share some additional information there. Amongst other things, I describe how I utilized image planes, collection instancing, weighted normals and modifiers:


I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bart! That’s super cool!

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