*cough* I dont have a middle mouse button.

So what do I do? Ive looked in the docs, but no way to emulate a middle mouse button. I’ll delete this post as soon as I know how.

Alt-Left mouse button. And you probably don’t have to turn Emulate 3 Buttons in the Info window (pull down the top header) since it should be turned on by default, but it doesn’t hurt to verify.


What theeth said, and don’t delete the post, because someone else could find it helpful.

Allright. I wont. Sticky? :stuck_out_tongue:

Most modern mouses have 3 buttons ,and the middle doubles as a wheel, wich zooms, and is quite nice to have.

First off I will say I hate “Buy a new computer!” posts.


I recently bought a nice optic mouse for about $20.
It’s optic (uses a laser instead of a ball) so I’ll never need to clean it. Its got 3 buttons, with the middle being a wheel. So there not teribly expensive and you can probably find one for cheeper if you really wanted. It’s something to think about.

If you really want to get fancy, you can go cordless. Mine has a cord though. I find it quite funny to see this object that NEVER moves outside of its six inch by six inch pad be cordless. It’s not like a cell phone; I can’t whip it out at school and build something in Blender with it… LOL!

Until you get a new one you can use the previous sugestions to keep you satisfied while you decide if it’s a worthy investment.

(If you still have a ol’ mouse with a ball in it, it probably is.)

My dad has the best mouse. It is a mini wireless mouse for his laptop that is optical and has a scrollwheel/thirdbutton.
Not like I can afford one though. %| Thats ok. Ill live.
Yeah I hate those Buy a better system/gfx card etc because I simply cant.